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Robert Gabor

Mob.Phone: +48 605 054 654
Facebook: @Jerzowy
Twitter: @3molo


Personal information:

Date of birth: 04 May 1983; Article writter about guitar for music press. Active part of Elektroda.pl electronic forum.
Msc of material science, electronics, assembly knowledge in base of electronic (+10years), machine operator. Radio remote control systems, soundproofing, Hi-Fi systems, Hi-End. From 2008-2015 I was an assembler, serviceman, specialist, quality management and continue similar jobs in United Kingdom start from assembler again (2016). Also I'm working as machine operator at the same time.
Come back to family to Katowice area, Silesia, Poland. Work at Alstom Transport.


Electric Guitars, Websites, Jam Sessions, Bicycles, Audio Technics, Electronics.