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Guitar topics♔

Electric guitar, musical instrument, electronic device used for generation electric signals. This signal we can transform by electric amp, with additionally effects. Signal transmuted and amplified into floating electrons - "electric" current comes into speaker cabinet by metal cables.

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Guitar technics [Only PL now]

different look into guitar techniques.
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Guitar tabs

5000 or more guitar tabs - rock, pop, heavy metal!

Guitar chords

- guitar chords combinations differenties and difficulties database (NEW)


Best guitar solos, movies, videos, instructions from Y2Be Galery of guitar

Guitar consist of great number of parts. The most important electric things in guitar are pickups wired in different types of connections - parallel and series, and combination of phases. In one guitar we have from one to three pickups. The pickups consists of one, two or four electric coils suspended into magnetic field of ceramic, AlNiCo or different type of magnet. Ibanez guitars.

We can use single, double, combined electronic connection between parts of guitar.

Guitar schematics - pickups connections