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Welcome into the biggest archive of guitar , photos and tabulatures. Oryginally the site was in polish, but in I create the new english version of site. I also present the smartest and speedest forum of this guitar, speaker, amplifier, acoustic knowledge.

Why guitar generate a electric signal?

The signal from moving strings is going by electromagnetic field of magnets to pickups. The pickups like single, dual or more coils are "watching" vibrations of strings and by the guitar electronics pass signal to output of guitar.


Preamplifier is the electronic amp between guitar or effect and power stage works with speakers. Preamp multiples a signal of guitar and transformate the impedance to amp recognize the signal and can feel it.

Guitar Effects

Guitar effects like fuzz and other distort, change, reverse, transform a signal from guitar and put it into a input of power stage, preamp or effects loop of another effect or amp. List of great number of guitar effects ..here Unit having a twi, tree or more effects type was named Guitar Processors or Multi-Effect.

Output stages

A power stage works with speakers. Amp transform a signal of preamp or effect to play it in speakers.

Best amps ever

Marshall, Fender, Mesa, Peavey and more create a most popular amps to guitar playing. There you have got a lot of schematics.