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Killswitch guide DIY♔

What is the kill switch?

Kill switch is machine which can stops signal from guitar to amp. It's switch which short electric sigral from pickups to ground. You can also do it on Les Paul style 4 potentiometer guitar with two volumes. One of pickup you get to "0" volume. Second is for not "0" volume when you  change active pickup by switch you can use guitar like kill switch. This practice is knowed in guitar world circa 40 years. One time I had seen it on video with Jimmy Page solo.

Kill switch in Fender stratocaster\

We insert Kill Switch into guitar. For example to Fender stratocaster. 

It would be hard to explain but we put the kill switch into schematic of Fender Stratocaster. Below we showed how to modify Strat to be Killswitching machine. We use standard 3x single coil strat . Other type of guitar with Humbackers will be the same thing to do. Other modification is fix the 5-position into three single switch for each coil. 

At first

strat inside wiring
We need knife, soldering iron, and other tools. This tools tend to not use you wife or mother. 

next thing....

strat inside wiring


We amputate the one of tone potentiometer with capacitor. All wires we must desolder. 

One kilogram of switches...

strat inside wiring
Earlier decapitated capacitor we solder into one of TONE potentiometer. This is a transplantation of capacitor. We can change now capacitor to better type. 

strat inside wiring
We insert every hot wire from single coil into switch inputs, ground we connect to ground of guitar.


Kill switch

strat inside wiring
We put out the 5-position switch and insert to earlier drilled holes 3pcs of switch ON/OFF - Toggle or button type.

Other schematic of kill switch

THis is better modified schematic of Seymour Duncan website: